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These are some things that are deducted before anything gets to be taken home: 

  • When you see your stylist, you are paying for their talent and art. Many education classes and schooling goes into our craft and it is not inexpensive. 

  • The price of overhead. [ex. rent, taxes, water, water treatments, electric]

  • Phone line, internet, marketing, website, and booking softwares

  • Cutting tools, irons, blowdryers. An average price of a good shear is between $600 & $1,200 plus maintenance.

  • The price of color, lighteners, hair products such as shampoos, conditioners, sprays, and serums 

  • Hairstylists do not get health insurance, sick leave, paid time off, or retirement. These are all things that come out of our pockets. 

We do our absolute best to make sure we are still as cost effective as possible given all these factors and do our best to make sure everyone has an opportunity to feel and look beautiful. Your love and support is greatly seen, felt, and appreciated. 


How we decide what to charge is entirely based on current costs of everything in the "why" section. Inflation has done us all dirty skyrocketing our supply costs. Price of rent has not just gone up in housing developments but also for business owners.

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